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Top Tools for Professional Bloggers

Last week we did a review on Apple’s famous cloud storage service iCloud. We had just implemented using this for our own blogging purposes and that is why it was our first post. This site is about more than just software reviews however, as our mission is to help anyone with a bit of determination become a profitable blogger. However, for many of you who are just beginning your blogging journey (especially my sisters in Cincinnati! heya!) you will be more interested in the other basic blogging tools we use on a daily basis to run our websites.

Blogging Hardware

The physical tools we use on a daily basis to plan, write, publish and promote our blog posts are some of the most important initial expenses any new blogger should seriously consider investing in. You don’t NEED to get all of these tools, but when possible, we highly recommend the following:

Macbook Pros

We were big PC users for most of our lives, from college through our first jobs and still use PCs on a daily basis during our regular 9-5 job. However, when working on our own blogging projects we have found that Apple products seem to just be that much better in terms of both quality and in terms of ease-of use.

Sure, there is a PC out there that can do what most Macs do, and some are even more powerful. What we like about Apple computers is they seem to last forever. I’ve never owned a PC laptop that I didn’t want to sell after a year of use..they just became outdated so quickly or got infected with malware. I’ve had my Macbook Pro for 4 years now and it feels just as new as the day I got it. But don’t take my word for it, here are 10 Reasons Experts Say Mac is Better Than PC.

Additionally, I use an iPad for web research and an iPhone 7 Plus to take notes when I’m out and about as well as taking high quality pictures when I’m traveling to include in my blog. Being able to effortlessly sync everything and work in a software ecosystem that perfectly overlaps saves me from so many headaches I had when working on a PC.
Your laptop is probably the single most important blogging investment, so consider spending on quality in this department.

Lightning Headphones

This one may seem like a curve ball, but after blogging and traveling for more than 2 years now, it is a must have for me when I’m working on my sites. Whether it is kids running around at home, loud customers in a cafe, or the loud noise of someone talking right next to you, it is always convenient to be able to pop in my earbuds, or slip on my headphones and escape to a place of complete productivity.

Running a relaxation channel on my Spotify with a pair of headphones puts my productivity into overdrive and always leads to me producing higher quality blog posts in quicker time then when I’m struggling with a distracting and noisy environment. I ended up with a pair of Libratone Q Adapt earbuds and over-ear, as sometimes I want something more portable. I used Lightning Cans to help make my decision as they are the experts and have more information on iPhone 7 ready headphones than anyone else.

Make sure to invest specifically in a pair of headphones with a lightning connected cable. Apple dropped the old-school headphone jack from their iPhones. If you are using Apple laptops and phones, then it’s important to have headphones that will work with them both now and into the future. Sure, some new Macbooks still have the old headphone jack, but many experts expect to see this removed in the future as well. Investing in lightning-cable headphones now is an investment in the future.

Lumbar Support

This is kind of a no-brainer, yet you would be amazed by how many people don’t bother investing in a work chair or support cushion to help keep their back healthy and their posture upright.

Office chairs can be quite expensive, and can range from under $100 to over $1,000. We recommend you look for something in the middle, between $300-500 dollars as at this price point you should get a good mix of both value and quality.

We also recommend that you focus first and foremost on the comfort factor. Often times with office/desk chairs, the “cooler” they look, the more uncomfortable they really are. Since you are using your chair at home all by yourself, “style” isn’t that big of a factor, so going for the uglier, yet more comfortable chair is the smarter option for anyone looking to become a serious blogger as you’ll end up spending thousands of hours sitting behind your desk working on your blog!

We ended up ordering our chairs off of Amazon, simply because they were on sale. There are also decent options at physical retail stores like Best Buy and Office Max. We would avoid IKEA chairs as we tested a few out and feel they are way more focused on aesthetic design than they are actual comfort.


There you have it, three things that we use every single day when building our blogging empire. We understand not everyone has the same budget, so we don’t say that these items are always necessary to be successful. You can start your blog for free by going to your public library and using their computers to work on your site. You could also spend thousands on equipment and be super comfortable as well, it all depends on your individual budget and needs.

If you have any questions about our recommendations or you have some recommendations of tools that YOU use when YOU blog feel free to give us a shout in the comments below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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