PCs for Gamers

Of course games can be played on normal PCs and those are what many gamers play them on but the serious gamers, the ones that have a PC especially for gaming, have PCs which are slightly different from regular ones. The serious gamer has a PC with a motherboard that can accept the most modern technologies as those are what are often used in the latest games. Gaming is very popular and so for the different game makers, they have to use the most modern resources in order to try and make their games better than their rival’s games. This means however that sometimes a gamer’s PC is not up to date enough to allow all the advantages of the newer technologies.

What the serious gamer therefore does is sometimes, not buy a new computer but buy instead a new, better motherboard for their existing computer. When the gaming manufacturers do use new technology, it is usually in the form of the latest processor or the latest video cards and as the processors are part of the motherboard and the video cards connect to the motherboard, the motherboard is the key to upgrading your PC to play these newly developed games.

A motherboard, sometimes referred to as the main board or logic board, is a circuit board that connects to and powers all the other components of a PC. This includes the hard drive and audio cards, network cards and internet connections as well as any peripheral devices such as printers. As all the components connect to the mother board and as the power supply also connects to the motherboard, it is through this board that all the other components receive their power.

When you look at a motherboard, what you see is a mass of different connections, each of which serves a specific purpose and allows the motherboard to play host to the different components that make up a PC. As the gaming manufacturers and other computer developers will try and use where possible, existing types of connections, component parts can often be updated by just replacing an older one with a newer one but, in some instances, especially in the field of gaming, different connections are needed. When this occurs the new component can only be added to those motherboards that have the newer connections.

The finer details about mother boards and these upgraded components can be found at websites like http://www.motherboardtalk.com and so, especially if you are a gamer, it may be worth paying one of these sites a visit to know exactly what are and what are not the most up to date motherboards. On some of these websites they also compare the pros and cons of the various motherboards available today, offering advice on which ones are perhaps best for gamers and which ones are the best for non-gamers. As new games at least are always being introduced, these sites keep their information up to date with what are the latest developments.

Using iCloud

What is referred to today as the cloud is a storage space for data and individuals or businesses can rent as much space in the cloud as they need, either on a monthly or yearly basis. You apply for an account and state how much space you believe you will need, you should possibly start with a lower amount as you can usually just easily increase the amount on that account as needed. Once you have your account, you will of course need to give it a password so that only you can access that data. Once you have data on the cloud, you can access it using your password from anywhere on the internet and at any time, meaning there is no longer any need to keep your music on more than one device or your photos for that matter, simply leave them in the cloud and access them as and when you like. You may want to share what you save with a friend or if you are a business you may want to share your data with certain members of your staff but if this is the case then simply give them the password and they too can access the data whenever they like from where ever they like. There are several different online providers of cloud services today and so you will have to decide which the best are for you and your particular needs but, if you have Apple devices, you should perhaps first consider the iCloud as that is a cloud which has been specifically designed for use by Apple users. The icloudlogin.com guide gives you all the information about the iCloud and what advantages it has for Apple users over the other cloud services. The benefits of using the cloud for a business are many but perhaps the largest benefit is that as the business will have such a huge amount of data which needs to be stored and of course backed up, if the business did not use the cloud services they may at some point need to get their own server with the costs and other problems that come with one. If a business does make use of cloud services though, when going on a business trip, a businessman need no longer worry about if they have downloaded to their laptop all the information they may need, they merely have to access the cloud when they need any information. That travelling businessman would of course need to have access to the internet though and the account password but nothing else as they could even access the cloud from someone else’s PC or laptop. When different departments are able to update information from where ever they may be, the information is more up to date and accurate and so as the CEO or business owner can freely access the cloud too, they really can keep themselves up to date with what is going on within the business and act accordingly.